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Documents & Committee

Your 2021 Committee

Position Name


Ray Gibson

Vice President and Chair

Andy Griffin

Past President

John Tolley

Mens Captain

Paul Heathcote

Mens Vice Captain

Jason Doherty

Ladies Captain

Jayne Sippitts

Ladies Vice Captain

Sheila Williams

Hon Secretary

Ian Taylor

Assistant Hon Secretary

Andy Griffin

Hon Treasurer

Kath Nicklin

Assistant Hon Treasurer

Janet Pead

Hon Match Secretary

Ray Gibson

Ladies Hon Match Secretary

Janet Pead

Social Secretary

Steve Edge

Communications Secretary

Paul Heathcote

Green Supervisor

Jim McDonald

Maintenance Supervisor

Rick Sippits

Bar Supervisor

Ian Hubbocks

Accounts Examiner

David Lloyd

WBA Executive County Representatives

Ray Gibson & Jan Pead


Paul Heathcote