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4 April 2021 (updated 23 May)

Hello everyone - Happy Easter!!

The committee met again today to review progress on all fronts leading to opening day on Saturday 17 April. This will likely be the last general update email, from now on we will be sending out more detailed emails concentrating on single subjects. These single subject documents can be found on the 'Briefing documents for 2021' page on this site. There is a lot of information that we need to provide you with and we really do need all members to read and understand it. But for this message we will update across the board.

Dress code - Following the member survey last season, we have reviewed and rewritten the club's dress code to make it a little more relaxed - it will be effective from the first day of the season. A copy of the revised code will be posted on the website.

In addition we have a new club kit approved for next season. See photos above.

Informal roll ups and practise - Members can dress as they wish but must wear flat soled bowling shoes.

For all other matches men can wear trousers or shorts and ladies can additionally wear cropped trousers or skirts. These must either be white or grey as detailed in the fixture book (internal bowling will be greys unless otherwise stated). Shirts should be polo style shirts and the following will apply. 

Internal bowling (organised roll ups, internal leagues, club comps except for finals) - Club shirt, white or predominantly white polo shirt. 

Concorde leagues - Club shirt

Other leagues and friendlies - Club shirt or white polo shirt

Whilst this won't match precisely with what every individual asked for, it represents the views of the significant majority of members.

Catering - It is still very unclear for how long social distancing will be in place indoors. Neither our clubhouse nor our kitchen lend themselves well to social distancing and in order to give us some certainty, we have decided that there will be no catering at Hewell after games this season. Making the decision now allows us to advise opponents of our decision and therefore finalise our adapted fixture list for the season. We will continue to review whether we can serve fish and chips at our provisional social events.

Opening day - we currently have 37 names down for opening day. Unless the rules change significantly from 12 April, we will need to run this as two sessions. We want to underline that only those who register in advance will be allowed to play (just send me an email to me if you haven't already registered but want to join in). In addition there are strictly no spectators allowed as things stand - if things change on 12 April we will let you know. A detailed email with full details and advising your assigned session will be sent out next week or early the week after.

Formats - There will be a specific email relating to formats of play sometime in the next 7 days. The new bowling formats set out by Bowls England will apply to ALL county and national competitions, unless otherwise stated. We have reviewed our internal formats and details will follow - they are designed to fit within a two hour timeframe.

Maintenance - Most of the tasks set out last week now have volunteers assigned to them. The outstanding tasks are......

Weeding the paving slabs - if anyone has a couple of hours free then please do visit the club and give it a go.

Cleaning - most cleaning tasks are now assigned - the toilets need a quick clean although they are pretty good given both have been refurbished.

Clearing the 'spoil pile' beyond the gate at the end of the green - this work is now completed so there is no need for the working party next Friday.

Covid rules - Updated covid rules have been circulated to members and the main points are covered under visitor information

Online Rink Booking System - Reminder details of how to access and use the system will be sent out in a separate email. all organised bowling will already be logged onto the system but if you are playing in a roll up you must book a rink on the system. If you are unable to use the system for any reason, please speak to another member and ask them if they can book for you - I won't be able to take bookings over the telephone. For the time being, all 'unorganised' play will be a maximum of 4 bowlers (pairs play).

Contactless payments - We are in the process of purchasing a contactless payment system for use when the bar is manned. (now in place)There will be an honesty bar, but we ask that members come to the club prepared with the right change to pay for their drinks - we want to keep cash handling to a minimum. Whilst talking about the bar, we will be using plastic, recyclable glasses for this season.

The green - The green is looking very close to being ready for the season. Final fertilising will take place in the coming week and it will be ready for play on 17 April.

County and National Competitions - The draws for the county competitions are now showing on the Worcestershire BA website. Fixtures for Hewell members are on the club's website. We anticipate National draws being published towards the end of the coming week.

Internal leagues and club competitions - Details about both will follow in a separate email. Fixture schedules will be produced this coming week sometime for the leagues. We hope to be in a position to do draws for some of the 'play by' date competitions shortly - none will start before 17 May. Two of the 'play on date' competitions have been moved to a weekend after 17 May. 2 wood pairs originally scheduled for 1/2 May will now take place on 26/27 June. Round Robin originally scheduled for 15/16 May will now take place on 17/18 July. If this means you need to withdraw, please let me know. Also, a last shout for anyone who wants to enter competitions - entries will close on opening day.

Interberga - There is still no information regarding this league. We have written to Inkberrow BC to say that if the league is planned to start prior to 21 June, then Hewell won't take part. If the league is run as a half season from 21 June, we will be able to enter 2 x teams.

Now decided that it will run as a half season after 21 June.

Fixture book - We would ordinarily have issued you all with a fixture book by now. There still remains uncertainty (eg Interberga) and we want to be able to produce as accurate a picture as we can. There are no external fixtures in the first part of the season and we will provide you all with details of internal league, club comps and organised roll up dates prior to the start of the season. The dates for club comps and organised roll ups are already on the website.

Fixture books available in the veranda area

That's it for now but look out for regular emails on specific areas.