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Mens Fours & Senior Fours

Mens Fours (MF) & Mens Senior Fours (MSF) (Dates are 'play by')

Date/Time Competitors Result

Tues 6 July (MSF)

Andy Griffin v Jeff Perry (Bred) (H)

Lost 13 - 18

Tues 6 July (MSF)

Dickie Banks (VP) v Ray Gibson (A)

Lost 11 - 21

Mon 19 July (MF)

Paul Heathcote v Ray Owen (St D) (H)

Lost 10 - 15

Mon 19 July (MF)

Steve Edge v Ryan Atkins (VP) (H)

Lost 9 - 11

Mon 19 July (MF)

Ray Gibson v Martin Griffith (WBC) (H)

Lost 9 - 16