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Ladies C of C & Pairs & U25 Events

Ladies C of C (C of C),Under 25s Single s (US), U25 Pairs (UP), Ladies Pairs

Date/Time Competitors Result

Fri 21 May (LP)

Bernie Holder (Pers) v Jo Doherty (A)

Won 16 - 15 (extra end)

Fri 21 May (LP)

Carol Ellsmore (Pers) v Steph Greenwell (A)

Won 17 - 10

Fri 21 May (LP)

Joan Parfitt (Bway) v Sheila Williams (A)

Won 13 - 8

Mon 24 May (LP) 2pm

Sheila Williams v Judy Drewer (St D) (H)

Won 24 - 7

Mon 24 May (LP)

Steph Greenwell v Sue Cullis (St D) 

Won 16 - 9

Mon 24 May (LP)

Jo Doherty v Eira Drake (St D)

Won 16 - 12

Fri 28 May (LP)

Maddie Burgess (Ch Rd) v Sheila Williams (A)

Lost 7 -23

Fri 28 May (LP)

Amy Walters (Bway) v Jo Doherty (A)

Lost 7 - 21

Fri 28 May (LP)

Lesley Wood (Pshore) v Steph Greenwell (A)

Lost 13 - 16

Sat 29 May (C of C)

Julie Howell (Pers) v Millie Adkins (A)

Won W/O

Sun 6 June (DR)

Hewell v Droitwich Spa (H)

Won W/O

Thurs 3 June 4:15pm (C of C)

Millie Adkins v Shirley Smith (MV)

Won 21 - 6

Thurs 24 Jun @ 11am (C of C)

Millie Adkins v Pam Farman (Eve) (A)

Won 21 - 10

Thurs 24 June 6:15pm (US)

Millie Adkins v Aqua Griffiths (St D) (H)

Lost 13 - 21

Sat 7 Aug (C of C)

Millie Adkins v Izzie White (Ch Rd) Final at St D